Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Hi lovelies,

I hope you're all doing well and having a lovely day, enjoying the sunshine ofcourse!

I'm back with a very very exciting post, I recently teamed up with Zahra KM Couture, who sent me this gorgeous dress, its so perfect I literally felt like a princess and every girls got to feel like that hey... It's so glam and perfect. So a bit about the dress itself, it has a silk long maxi which flows elegantly with a detailed chiffon top which drapes very naturally on the dress with a slim belt which also has some gorg detailing and its currently the hot trend in Pakistani fashion. I love the embroidery because it's just so simple yet elegant and sometimes it just looks a lot better! I deiced to go for the perspex heels as I felt as if they went really well with the outfit and the heel was just right for me.

Moving on... A bit more about Zahara KM Couture, the woman behind the project, Zahra, a full time research/clinical pharmacist has decided to apply all her full knowledge of pharmacy to future projects. One of her venture being an online fashion boutqiue, which has lovely glam pieces available for everyone who's searching for that perfect partywear. But not only that the collection itself is called Project Human and each year there is a different focus and this year Zahra KM Couture is focusing on the innocent lives of those in the following area; Pakistan, Syria, Palestine, Sierra Leone and Yemen.

Each garment is named after a country - of-course I'm wearing the Pakistan outfit which I'm in love with. 

Make sure you purchase your outfit online via , a certain percentage of the proceeds will go towards charity - which is great as you'll also be rewarded InshAllah. (2.5% - similar to Zakat) 

Make sure you get your hands on one of these gorgeous garments!

Hope you enjoyed the post lovelies,

lots of love

Seima xoxo 
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