Monday, 8 May 2017


Hi lovelies, 

hope all is well, I'm back with a new outfit post, a bit different to your everyday posts as I'm hardly ever wearing asian clothes. But I have to admit I have some major love for them, they look so beautiful!

I especially love the new designs which are in at the moment, they look so funky and I'm pretty excited to pick my outfit for Eid, there's so much to choose from right now, so you can stay tuned for that,

Anyway this outfit is from Sana Safina it's not as new, I purchased it last  last Eid I believe and I had a bit of an issue where I didn't receive any trousers for my outfit, so girls its always important to be careful when shopping online whether its directly on Instagram or a website. The young girl who I purchased this outfit from who I will give no credit to as she completely messed me around didn't deliver exactly what she promised to which is why I don't understand why some people even do business.

Aside from that, the outfit was pretty gorgeous but I just felt so put off wearing it, it's like I had this hatred for it but I decided to wear it recently, and it looks pretty cute with these nude Louboutins.

That's all from me today,

lots of love

Seima xoxo 
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