Sunday, 26 March 2017


Hi lovelies,

hope you're all doing great, so I was sent these lovely fragrances from Notino which I absolutely love, I have to say I always love Gucci fragrances they are just the best!

So today I'll be reviewing the Flora by Gucci, this is not actually a recent scent but it has always been one my favourites and I still love it, it actually smells so amazing and is pretty much perfect for the spring/summer season, so you may as well get your hands on one now.

Firstly, I love the packaging of the product it's just so elegant, you can never go wrong with black and white, hey?  I also love the simplicity and elegance of the product overall, it's very classy! Gucci Flora is  available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml and if you're purchasing yours from Notino then you can save some £££, I have put a link above for you all!

So now you're probably wondering what the perfume actually smells like? I would  say this is probably aimed at a younger age like myself but it still keeps the luxury in the product which is what I love the most, it's a more subtle floral scent and I'm really into my floral scents but some floral scents start to smell sickly but I would say this is so perfect for me. It's just right... if that makes sense. The citrus and rose in the perfume give it the freshness and uniqueness, which is what makes it my fave.

Overall, I would definitely say this is one of my fave perfumes, it has been for a while and by that I mean since it came out, I think you can't go wrong with this one, so for me it's a winner!

Stay tuned for my Gucci Bamboo review which will soon be on the blog, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Lots of love

Seima xoxo

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