Monday, 13 February 2017


Hi lovelies!

Hope you're all doing great, so recently I was kindly sent this lovely package from The Unibox, I guess it's a pretty useful box of goodies for university students, it's got everything you need to get you going.

If you're not sure as to what it is, The Unibox is a monthly subscription box for every uni student to make their life a little bit more easier and its a perfect service for both friends and family, especially if you're not to sure on what to buy a loved one who is starting uni. It includes 5 to 8 full -size products, a mini magazine with advice and recipes, and a handwritten note with a message from a parent/loved one. 

I was sent the February 2017 box, and it's worth more than £35, the box itself includes a range of goodies such as, The Nom organic bar, MultiVit, Faith in Nature Soap, 2x Mallow and Marsh bars,Quibbles Wasabi Tro, Litlle's instant coffee ,Travel Mug and a guide book and pen.

what I liked the most is firstly the Nom bar, it was absolutely tasty and not only that it's a healthier option in comparison to what you would normally go for, which for me is probably a bar of chocolate so its a great alternative. I also loved the Travel Mug, it's another fave of mine, its just perfect for when you're on the go and I love my green tea and hot chocolate so it's so useful, but of-course if you're a coffee lover, you'll be happy to hear that this box also includes Little's, infused instant coffee.

Unfortunately the Mallow and Marsh bars are not suitable for vegetarians so I can't really give my opinion on them but I'm sure they're just as good especially if you love to indulge when you're loaded with lots of work! But again, if you're fussy about your nibbles then Unibox have got you covered with their Quibbles, wassabi trio!

If you suffer from a cold quite often or have a weak immune system like myself then The MultiVit is something you definitely need as it helps build your body up, it's a nutritional support spray with 40 daily doses and most importantly it's suitable for vegetarians. Lastly the box includes the Faith in Nature, grapefruit handmade soap bar, which is infused with citrus oils and keeps your skin looking smooth and lush, which of course every gurl needs...

So if you want to know how it works exactly, firstly you choose between a 3 month or 6 month subscription box, they choose all the fun treats so you don't have to worry about any of that and then it gets shipped out to you or your loved one. 

So here's what you need to know:
- Monthly box - £24.99
- 3 Month Prepay box - £71.94 (23.98/box)
- 6 Month Prepay - £134.99 (£22.50/box)

If you're interested in getting your hands on one to make your university life a bit more easier or to get one for your loved one, click here and you can also get 15% off with the code SEIMA15, so to break it down 15% off a 3 month subscription means you can get your box for £20/month! Pretty good right.

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