Thursday, 16 February 2017


Hi lovelies!

Hope you're all doing great, so today I'm sharing some fab products that were kindly sent from Notino and of-course they sent me some products from The Balm!

I actually love the products from The Balm Cosmetics and I have previously used them before, firstly just to let you all know I am no make-up artist, but I have some major love for it ofcourse as you can tell... haha! Also this is all my own personal opinion on the products.

 So firstlyI'm actually using the eyeshadow, bronzer and the highlighter the Balm in the picture above and of-course my highlight is poppin'

 starting of with the eyeshadow pallet,  Nude Tude - Oh my god ... I absolutely love this pallet, the pigment is perfect and just right, so I would definitely hype this pallet up I know a lot of bloggers have been going on about it so it's a yes from me too! It's got 12 different shades and if you love your nudes then you'd be happy to hear this pallet is the one for you. My favourite shades from the pallet have to be "sexy", "seductive"and "sultry" this is probably because I just love my burgundy and nude tones they always look so fleeky!

Moving onto bronzer from The Balm, I would probably say this is a pretty lush shade and it definitely complimented my skin tone, I'm really fussy when it comes to blushers and bronzers, they have to perfect, I would say the bronzer is just as pigmented as the Mary Lou highlighter. Yes the Mary lou highlighter is hands down to die for *no exaggeration* ladies, on a regular basis two of the main questions I get asked are what highlighters I use and what type eyeshaddow shades I go for, I've always used Mary Lou it just work so perfectly well for me and it really does let you "GLOW UP" as they say haha! So there's the answer many of you guys have been waiting for and I have been wearing it a lot recently in all my posts *click here*, I applied this with a small brush and it came out
pretty good I must say.

Now you all got my honest opinion on the products and I can confirm that The Balm Cosmetics is to die for, so I hope you enjoyed the post guys, lots of love

Seima xoxo
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