Tuesday, 28 February 2017



Top: Zara Culottes: Zara Shoes: Missguided Bag: Kurt Geiger Scarf: Sophisticated_Scarves on Instagram

Photos captured by: Naveen Zarub

Hi lovelies!

Hope you're all doing great, so today I have some exciting stuff to share with you guys, I was invited to an exclusive afternoon with River Island Style Studio hosted by the beautiful Poonam Walid -  With her blog name known as Heel Diaries, make sure you check her out! She did an amazing job, It was such a lovely afternoon.

So now you're all probably wondering what we actually got up to at this blogger event, so firstly we were given a trend talk by the lovely ladies at the River Island Style Studio in Birmingham and of course we were then introduced to the River Island Summer Collection which was absolutely beautiful - I will come on to this in more detail and finally some food and drinks oh and of course plenty of pictures, I think I got tired of posing at one point which is pretty surprising for me.

I also had the opportunity of meeting some amazing bloggers, who are literally so LIT and are such lovely gurls, it was a great afternoon filled with lots of trend talks and just general girly chit chats which is always nice to have!

So now the bit you've been waiting for - The popular trends!

River Island have really switched it up this year and I have to admit their new collection is just to die for, I fell in love with the floral pieces, gingham pieces and I can't forget the gorgeous ripped jeans that I need to get my hands on.

I'm sure you all now the floral pattern is pretty much the hype right now and I have to admit I did fall for the floral NYC top and I had to get my hands on mainly because I love going for a street look, so I did go for a really big size but I love it! As you can see from the new collection lace also seems to be the new thing at the moment and I have to admit every person needs a bit of lace in their life especially if you want to get all fancy for a dinner!

I absolutely love the block heels I think they're a must have for when it comes to Summer and I love them, the flat shoes that are currently in also look so fab and I'm not someone who goes for flat shoes unless they're trainers but I feel so tempted to purchase them I think they would look super cute with some ripped jeans!

Also for all you ladies who are looking for a personal shopper or just general style advice the River Island Style Studio is prettttty cool, you get to have your own time and privacy trying on the new trends to see what fits you best and of-course you're with some great stylists!

Lastly, just quickly going through my outfit deets, I'm wearing all Zara, this gorgeous jumper which is just so unique - I have to tell you guys I purchased this when it first came out and I just left it there but now it looks like every blogger owns it on Instagram haha! But yes I decided to go for culottes and also some fur heels which complimented the top, all details are linked!

Anyway that's all from me today. thanks to Poonam Walid and River Island for having me, it was such a lovely day!

Hope you all loved the snaps and of-course the gorgeous collection

Lots of love

Seima xoxo


Friday, 24 February 2017


Hi Lovelies,

hope you're all doing great, today I've got a super casual chilled look to share with you guys and yes I'm pretty much wearing all Pretty Little Thing, all details have been linked above, I went for a pastel look, I love the colour combo and how nicely the colours compliment each other!

The over-sized sweat top and nude ribbed leggings are both from Pretty Little Thing, the shoes are from Public Desire and the bag is Moschino!

Sorry for such a short post, but I'll be back,

lots of love

Seima xoxo

Monday, 20 February 2017


Jacket: Missguided or here Jeans: Topshop Bodysuit: Topshop Fishnet Tights: Boohoo (Similar) Shoes: Public Desire Bag: Kurt Gieger 

Hi lovelies,

hope you're all doing great, so I'm finally back with an outfit post and this is an outfit I wore the other night when I went out for dinner with the family, so I wanted to go for an all black look, I just love the colour black, it's my fave as you all know.

So firstly, have any of you ever had one of those moments when you really like exaggerate something in your mind, for instance my outfit like I made such an effort with this look and I turned up and I felt way overdressed for the occasion and then you start feeling out of place because everyone is just sat there staring at you but then you remember who you are... yeah it was one of those moment and I did laugh it off by the end of the night but I guess these things happen haha!

Back to the outfit, I'm wearing this gorgeous black satin detailed duster coat and I adore this jacket, it looks perfect with all black like I've done, I decided to go for a black body suit and these mom jeans from Topshop and some fishnet tights and clear heels, it was one of those last minute outfit where you chuck everything on and hope for the best and then if it's worth the picture you do your thing!

I've linked all items above that I was able to find,

lots of love

Seima xoxo

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Hi lovelies!

Hope you're all doing great, so today I'm sharing some fab products that were kindly sent from Notino and of-course they sent me some products from The Balm!

I actually love the products from The Balm Cosmetics and I have previously used them before, firstly just to let you all know I am no make-up artist, but I have some major love for it ofcourse as you can tell... haha! Also this is all my own personal opinion on the products.

 So firstlyI'm actually using the eyeshadow, bronzer and the highlighter the Balm in the picture above and of-course my highlight is poppin'

 starting of with the eyeshadow pallet,  Nude Tude - Oh my god ... I absolutely love this pallet, the pigment is perfect and just right, so I would definitely hype this pallet up I know a lot of bloggers have been going on about it so it's a yes from me too! It's got 12 different shades and if you love your nudes then you'd be happy to hear this pallet is the one for you. My favourite shades from the pallet have to be "sexy", "seductive"and "sultry" this is probably because I just love my burgundy and nude tones they always look so fleeky!

Moving onto bronzer from The Balm, I would probably say this is a pretty lush shade and it definitely complimented my skin tone, I'm really fussy when it comes to blushers and bronzers, they have to perfect, I would say the bronzer is just as pigmented as the Mary Lou highlighter. Yes the Mary lou highlighter is hands down to die for *no exaggeration* ladies, on a regular basis two of the main questions I get asked are what highlighters I use and what type eyeshaddow shades I go for, I've always used Mary Lou it just work so perfectly well for me and it really does let you "GLOW UP" as they say haha! So there's the answer many of you guys have been waiting for and I have been wearing it a lot recently in all my posts *click here*, I applied this with a small brush and it came out
pretty good I must say.

Now you all got my honest opinion on the products and I can confirm that The Balm Cosmetics is to die for, so I hope you enjoyed the post guys, lots of love

Seima xoxo

Monday, 13 February 2017


Hi lovelies!

Hope you're all doing great, so recently I was kindly sent this lovely package from The Unibox, I guess it's a pretty useful box of goodies for university students, it's got everything you need to get you going.

If you're not sure as to what it is, The Unibox is a monthly subscription box for every uni student to make their life a little bit more easier and its a perfect service for both friends and family, especially if you're not to sure on what to buy a loved one who is starting uni. It includes 5 to 8 full -size products, a mini magazine with advice and recipes, and a handwritten note with a message from a parent/loved one. 

I was sent the February 2017 box, and it's worth more than £35, the box itself includes a range of goodies such as, The Nom organic bar, MultiVit, Faith in Nature Soap, 2x Mallow and Marsh bars,Quibbles Wasabi Tro, Litlle's instant coffee ,Travel Mug and a guide book and pen.

what I liked the most is firstly the Nom bar, it was absolutely tasty and not only that it's a healthier option in comparison to what you would normally go for, which for me is probably a bar of chocolate so its a great alternative. I also loved the Travel Mug, it's another fave of mine, its just perfect for when you're on the go and I love my green tea and hot chocolate so it's so useful, but of-course if you're a coffee lover, you'll be happy to hear that this box also includes Little's, infused instant coffee.

Unfortunately the Mallow and Marsh bars are not suitable for vegetarians so I can't really give my opinion on them but I'm sure they're just as good especially if you love to indulge when you're loaded with lots of work! But again, if you're fussy about your nibbles then Unibox have got you covered with their Quibbles, wassabi trio!

If you suffer from a cold quite often or have a weak immune system like myself then The MultiVit is something you definitely need as it helps build your body up, it's a nutritional support spray with 40 daily doses and most importantly it's suitable for vegetarians. Lastly the box includes the Faith in Nature, grapefruit handmade soap bar, which is infused with citrus oils and keeps your skin looking smooth and lush, which of course every gurl needs...

So if you want to know how it works exactly, firstly you choose between a 3 month or 6 month subscription box, they choose all the fun treats so you don't have to worry about any of that and then it gets shipped out to you or your loved one. 

So here's what you need to know:
- Monthly box - £24.99
- 3 Month Prepay box - £71.94 (23.98/box)
- 6 Month Prepay - £134.99 (£22.50/box)

If you're interested in getting your hands on one to make your university life a bit more easier or to get one for your loved one, click here and you can also get 15% off with the code SEIMA15, so to break it down 15% off a 3 month subscription means you can get your box for £20/month! Pretty good right.


Sunday, 12 February 2017


Jumper: HM (similar) Coat: Asos (Similar) Trousers: Missguided Choker: eBay Shoes: Loubtouins

Hi lovelies.

Hope you're all doing great and are having a lovely day, just thought I'll share a bit of a glam look with you, which you could pretty much pull of to a dinner/party kinda thing. I didn't plan on the whole look being blue, but somehow it happened to be this way, but I do love how the colours all compliment each other.

The gorgeous, warm jumper that every girl needs in their wardrobe is from HM and I have linked a similar option as it's not available anymore, the coat is from Asos and it's from last year so I have tried to find a similar option for you, the high-waisted trousers are from Missguided and my favourite part of the look - the choker and the shoes which ofcourse complete it. The choker is from eBay and a lot of people seem to be selling them, I went for this option because I couldn't justify spending like £15 on a necklace, seems a bit ridiculous if you ask me and the shoes are Louboutins!

That's all from me lovelies,

hope you enjoyed the post

lots of love

Seima xoxo

Monday, 6 February 2017


Hi lovelies,

hope you're all well and having are having a lovely day!

I'm back, with a bit of colour today, thank god, it's about time and yes I did decide to go for red and a bit of burgundy, I love how these two colours go together.

I'm wearing this comfy oversized red jumper from HM, with this red bomber jacket from ASOS I think they look pretty cute together, and I obviously had to go for a pair of knee high boots and these are my faves, which are from Public Desire, I'm sure you can all pretty much guess where my shoes are from as I'm obsessing over Public Desire shoedrobe, I adore!

The bag that I'm holding is Kurt Geiger and unfortunately it's from last year, so I have linked the rest of the products above for you!

Lots of love

Seima xoxo


Friday, 3 February 2017


Top: Zara (similar) Jacket: Boohoo (Similar) Leather pants: HM Shoes Burberry Bag: Moschino

Hi guys,

hope all is well! Back to my usual fashion posts, I'm a bit behind with sharing this post, I took some shots a while ago when I went to Birmingham with for a meal with a  friend only because I had made all this effort so I thought why not?

Yes, I'm wearing all black and you all know its my fave colour... hands down, I think everyone just naturally feels more comfortable in all black, so I went for this flared ribbed black top from Zara which I love it's one of my wardrobe staples at the moment, and I decided to wear the black faux fur jacket on top and the leather pants.

Lastly, these Burberry shoes completed the look, I'm in love with them at the moment, they're my favourite espadrilles and I'll only probably get a pair of Chanel next, they are a comfy pair however the weather doesn't agree so I was freezing when I wore them but they were worth it!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Seima xoxo

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