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Hi guys hope you're all having a lovely Sunday and doing great!

Today I just wanted to address something with you guys which is a bit different to my normal posts which are just fashion based.

Recently I've noticed on Instagram that there has been a lot of hate on my profile but I've never been blind to this on social media in general and how Muslim women are constantly attacked or judged for the way they dress or style themselves.

Firstly, every single person on this planet is entitled to wear what they wish to, yes I know every women should dress modestly, I agree with that and I have seen many beautiful Muslim girls on Instagram, Hijabi or not. But they all have the most gorgeous and unique style and I love it, girls you really are killing the game! This is no persons place to judge and this is not me having a rant at all, I've seen it on so many Instagram profiles and especially on my profile recently, I have been getting a lot of hate from both men and women.

On a regular basis I get comments like "you're so fake" or "this is not Islam" or "take that thing of your head off" and often I remove them just because I don't need the negative energy and I don't want to encourage others to join in. What many of you fail to understand is that everyone is at a different stage in their imaan (faith) and people will choose to do things their way regardless of what you say because they are confident in themselves, if you really are concerned about one then the best thing that I could ever say is to just simply pray for that one person if it makes you that upset. Most of you should know the basics, Islamically you should all know that it is best to advise someone in private instead of trying to embarrass them publicly, whether this is on a social media platform or in person, you should know better, this won't make you anymore religious or pious so always keep that in mind.

"The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever wishes to give advice to a ruler about a matter should not do so publicly. Instead, he should take him by his hand and be alone with him [to talk to him] about it. If he accepts the advice from him [the matter is finished successfully]. If he does not [accept the advice], the person has fulfilled [the obligation] upon him.” (al-Haakim and Ahmad)"

"If we see or hear about someone else committing a sin, we should always try to ignore it. Instead of spreading it, we should hide it and keep it a secret. It is reported that the Prophet :SAW: has said:

Whosoever covers (the sins of) a Muslim, Allah covers (his sins) on the Day of Judgment. (Reported by Bukhari)"

I have never ever understood why people throw negative comments and hate comments around like its nothing, personally I've never once written something bad about one and it's never crossed my mind to. The people that tend to leave these comments may either be advising , simply not comfortable in their own skin or just like to make people feel shit. The thing is with me I really love all you guys who support me ,I appreciate all of it... you guys are honestly the best! But for those who leave negative comments I just wanted to say it really doesn't bother me I find it pretty hilarious that you take the time out of your day to leave comments like that on people's profile and in all honesty people should pray for you because you guys think you're being Islamic but yet you go against one of the biggest points Islam states.

I know a lot of Muslim girls find it hard to deal with this as I have heard from many, but whether this is in real life or in the world of social media, girls it's always important to feel confident in yourself, don't ever let anyone make you feel like you're not, secondly if you wear the Hijab I'm pretty sure you are wearing it for the best intentions and god knows best, you will be rewarded for it! So don't let peoples negative comments get you down, we are all working towards something and don't ever feel disheartened when you see miserable people comment hateful stuff, you should keep working towards your goals and always do what makes you happy that's the most important thing, as long as you're content and happy with yourself that's all you really need.

At the end of the day we are all human and we all have feelings so next time think twice before you want to comment something negative or hateful on ones picture.That person may be having a good day or even a bad day but you won't know the effects of the comment you leave.

I personally feel like I never ever address points like this but when I've seen it happen to me recently I kinda just ignored it but then I've seen it happen to fashion bloggers such as Dina Tokio, Ascia and many others and its just not needed, recently I've heard stories about other young women too and how much it affects these individuals and that's what upsets me the most because we should empower each other make each other feel good about ourselves. 

That's all from me guys, I hope you all get something good out of this, I did not write this with bad intentions to shame anyone. it's just something that needs to be said!

Lots of love

Seima xoxo
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